Why Us

Our unique and innovative working model (starting the engagement with a core onsite team and then gradually extending/scaling the activity to our off-site and, where relevant, off-shore based team) provides a solution that is cost-effective and can be scaled up seamlessly, offering strategic long-term value to our customers.

We have a can-do attitude that is solution-focused and based on establishing a dedicated team together with a customized process targeted at meeting our customers' internal organizational objectives and dynamics.

Our goal is to develop and nurture long-term relationships with each of our customers to provide customized and value-adding services with an eye towards facilitating the drug development process. Our working model is designed to compress time and minimize the non-core work load on our customers' high-value internal R&D resources.

Our onsite management team has strong interpersonal communication and project management skills with extensive experience working as part of interdisciplinary teams. We take full responsibility for establishing, driving and managing a dedicated off-shore team for each customer, creating a seamless working model that melds with the customer's internal R&D activities, thereby enabling an efficient documentation and reporting process. Once the desired working model is established, we can also provide a seamless and cost-effective way for scaling up the model to support customer's business roadmap with minimal internal disruption or additional overhead.